Baling machine for 100-300 Litre

A completely new designed baling machine for peat and substrates, which is based on the current market demands and the newest technics.

Foil saving

  • Significant savings on foil (80-100mu)
  • Reduced length of film per bale
  • Less film waste (less break downs) 

Higher output per hour

  • High output per hour (250 to 300 b/h)
  • Reliable, continuous production
  • Easy to use, low operator costs
  • Automatic machine-/output adjustment.


  • Bales with a nice rectangular form
  • Machine range from 100 to 300 litre bales (Up to 1710 mm film width)
  • Quick form shoulder change
  • Machine with intelligent menu control

Short ROI, reduced power consumption, long life cycle

  • Less energy consumption due to plunger driven pump
  • Long life cycle of the machine based on 24/7 production
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Short ROI 

Standard Included

  • The machine is provided with 2 platforms and stairs
  • Latest state of the art engineering and design
  • Latest technology for hydraulic (Bosch Rexroth)
  • Latest technology for control (Siemens safety PLC)
  • Latest technology for drive motors SEW (2017 directive)


  • Also suitable for rapidly expanding peat
  • Integration of label- and print units possible
  • Eventual turnkey delivery baling line: baler, palletizer, Stretchhood