Robot palletising

Palletizing systems for bales

Fully automated robot palletizing systems. These systems are composed of in-house developed and produced pallet magazins, pallet conveyor systems, conveyor belts and fencing.

Benefits of palletising systems:
◾capacities up to 1200 packages/hour;
◾possibility to stack 2 or 3 different products on 2 to 3 different pallets;
◾stacking heights upto 3 meters;
◾suitable for stacking bales, bundled bales, bags, boxes etc.;
◾different pallet sizes are possible
◾products can possibly be tilted for alternative stacking possibilities;
◾the empty pallets can automatically been provided with a foil or cardboard sheet;
◾4 to 6 axis robots, depending on the required movement;
◾complete systems with a palletmagazin, pallet roller or chain conveyors and product infeed sytems;
◾robot with minimal maintenance and long life;
◾easy to expand systems. For example, from 1 to 2 products and/or 2 pallet positions;
◾compact arrangement in many configurations to make the palletizer to fit in tight places;
◾Kawasaki is active worldwide and parts are available locally;
◾programming and service to the robots by specialist.


There are several special options possible on the robot palletiser.

For example we have also a robot system that can stack smaller bags or bales into a cardboard palletbox.