High infeed palletiser

Bag palletisers with height infeed system and other types
Votech provides a full range of bag palletisers for all kind of bags. There is a range of different types of bag palletisers you can choose from. Your palletiser choise can be made based on:


  • 250 bags/hour (all kinds of bags) with a gantry robot palletiser
  • 600/1200 bags/hour with a articular robot palletiser (In cooperation with Willems Baling)
  • 250-1800 bags/hour with a high infeed palletiser


Conventional bag palletiser


Palletiser with gripper system

Palletiser with shuttle head

Product in the bags for:

  • Peat, potting soil and substrates
  • Fertilizers, salt, sand , stone and gravel
  • Fresh products like onions, carrots and potatoes
  • All kind of bags with granulates
  • Powder products
  • Food and feed products

Special features for transport or handling demands

  • Palletiser for large pallets (shipping container size pallets)
  • Palletiser with stacking box
  • Palletiser with air floating system for heavy/difficult sliding bags
  • Palletisers for wide range of pallet sizes
  • Palletiser that stack both, boxes and bags
  • Palletiser (custom made/special models)

Options for palletisers

  • Bag conveying and accumulation systems
  • Bag infeed systems, inclining belt conveyors
  • Bag flattening systems
  • Bag equalization systems
  • Bag checkweighers, metal detection systems, product leak systems
  • Bag reject systems
  • Pallet sheet dispensers, sheet dispensers (between layers)
  • Bag labeling and marking devices

Palletiser control for easy operation and maintenance

  • Adding/altering pallet pattern just by finger sliding (touch screen)
  • Simple trouble shooting by using smart phone or tablet for visualization
  • Storage of more than 500 programs (pallet pattern and adjustments)
  • Blue tooth connection for machine status on smart phone or tablet