Baling machine for Big Bales 3-6m³

A completely new designed big bale press for peat and substrates, which was designed to generate a high and reliable output per hour and an almost perfect shape of the produced bales.

High output per hour

  • High output per hour (Approx. 25 bales/hour of 6m³)
  • Reliable, continuous production
  • Easy program change, quick restart
  • Foil roll change only after 1 or 2 days production

Nice shape, good looks

  • Nice shape of the bales due to a special designed compression chamber
  • No wrappings, just one smooth layer of coex foil
  • Bale is fully closed by means of a bottom and top seal
  • Perfect rectangular form for easy container and truck loading

Packed into flat foil from a roll

  • Pre-printed foil with company logo can be used
  • Saving of an additional stretchhood, this is not required
  • Bales can be handled by forklift clamping device (without pallet)


  • Bales height can be changed within minutes (1000-2600mm)
  • Variable filling grade from 2 to even 8m³
  • Bales can be filled based on volume, or
  • Bales can be filled based on weight and density (=Volume)
  • Depending on product 2 or 3 compressions
  • Also other products can be packed into bales

Fully automatic

  • Fully automatic machine that works without an operator
  • Easy to use, low operator costs
  • Automatic machine-/output adjustment
  • Machine with intelligent menu control

Standard Included

  • Stationary compression chamber
  • Control system with possibility to store 20 different menus
  • Touch screen for adjusting parameters
  • LED Light system on all platforms
  • The machine is provided with several platforms and stairs
  • Weighing/dosing hopper of 3500 liter
  • Movable dosing belt for better product dispersion in chamber
  • Oil temperature and clean-oil indication
  • 3 micron by-pass filter and oil heating elements
  • Foil wagon for easy renewing of the foil roll
  • Ethernet modem system
  • Sound panels around hydraulics for noise reduction