Pre-made bags

Bagging, bag filling machines for pre made bags / open mouth bags 

Votech provides a full range of bag filling machine for pre made bags also called open mouth bags. There is a range of different types of machines which are configured based on product, dosing-, weighing-, bag type and capacity.

Machine configuration based on:

  • type of dosing and/or weighing system, with:
  • belt dosing system;
  • vibrating dosing system;
  • one or two net weighing units;
  • gravity dosing systems;
  • horizontal screw dosing systems;
  • weighing bag sprout;
  • bottom up filling system;
  • based on high hygienic demands.

Type of bag:

  • bags made op Paper, PE, PP, Jute;
  • bags made of aluminium/paper/PE combinations;
  • bags with a PE inliner;
  • bags with an integrated zipper closing.

Types of bag closing system:

  • bag sealing for PE bags and open mouth bags with PE inliner;
  • bag closing by means of sewing with or without crepe;
  • single or double fold over in combination with sewing or gluing.

Based on product, for:

  • growing media products, peat, substrates, potting soil, compost etc.;
  • salt, sand, stone, gravels and wood pellets;
  • granulated feed and food products;
  • powder feed- and food products;
  • pet food;
  • chemical products granulated or powders;
  • agriculture products granulate or powders.

Options for bag filling machines:

  • bag filling machines made of steel or stainless steel;
  • integrated labeling and marking devices;
  • adding neutral gas during filling;
  • product dearation;
  • numerous of different options.